How To Remove A Mattress Dip

Many of us know how unpleasant it is to end up in the middle of our mattress because it sags. This normally happens when a mattress is compressed, causing this center area of the mattress to become lowest part of mattress's surface. This occurs over time as a result of supporting the weight of the occupant. A mattress that sags isn't good for your back, since it doesn't provide enough support and can cause you to sleep in an a position that's unnatural. Over time, a mattress that offers little support can lead to lower back issues. However, proper maintenance of your mattress can help to prevent sagging or dipping.

What You Will Need


Memory Foam

Bed Frame That Offers Center Support

Step 1.To lessen wear in one area of the mattress, it should be regularly rotated on a schedule. For new mattresses, do this about every couple of weeks during the first 2-3 months and then once every couple of months after this. Rotate the mattress head to foot and (if it's double sided) turn it over. Keep in mind though that there are some types of mattresses (such as those with pillow-tops) that are not designed to be flipped over.

Step 2. Prevent your children from roughhousing and using your mattress as an indoor trampoline, since this type of activity can definitely cause damage to your mattress. You should also keep any large pets from jumping up onto your bed.

Step 3. Always make sure your bed has support in the center to prevent breakage or bowing. This might mean adding an additional center support board or railing if your bed doesn't have enough support. This is particularly necessary if you own a larger bed (such as a queen size set).

Step 4. Place a plywood board underneath a mattress that sags, since this will help to support any dip you might have in the center. Add a section of a memory foam mattress topper over the mattress. Remember that if your mattress dipping or sagging, this means it's damaged to a certain degree. While repairing a sagging mattress is possible, it's never meant as a long-term solution. If your mattress is still uncomfortable after trying these fixes, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

Note: If it is time to replace your mattress, make sure you invest enough to purchase one that will avoid these problems in the future. All mattresses are not the same, and by spending a bit more you can get one that will last for much longer. For more information, talk to a company like Land Of Sleep.