Six Unique Things To Do With Ashes After Cremation

Nowadays people are getting more and more creative with where they want their ashes to end up after they are cremated. While some still wish for their ashes to be scattered, buried, put in a columbarium, or entrusted to a family member in the traditional sense, here are six alternatives to the norm.

1. Planted As A Tree

This option is a little more interesting than simply burying the ashes in the ground. Ashes are placed into a biodegradable urn along with a tree seed or young tree (or any variety of plant life, depending on the cremation service) and nourishing soil, then planted in a special location. The ashes are used to help support the growth of the tree or plant, which then acts as a natural grave marker that loved ones can visit.

2. Put Into Fireworks

Ashes can be placed into fireworks that lets the dearly departed literally go out with a bang. Specially modified fireworks are used to include the ashes, scattering them in a beautiful light show across the sky. There are often several options for different types of firework displays, from soft and simple to full-on firework shows with all the vibrant colors and loud sounds.

3. Launched Into Space

For space lovers, ashes can be launched into the galaxy to forever explore the Great Unknown or sent into orbit around the Earth or Moon. Ashes can also be sent out into space on a temporary flight, then returned to Earth and given to loved ones as special keepsakes.

4. Support A Coral Reef

Another option is to use ashes to help create an underwater ecosystem. Ashes are incorporated into a specially designed cement mix that is used to jumpstart a coral reef habitat. The cement gives the coral something to cling to, which allows it to grow and become a home for other marine life. 

5. Put Into An Hourglass

Ashes can be placed into hourglasses, which allows them to be kept as a special memento that can be passed down in the family in place of residing in a traditional, porcelain urn. The hourglasses will not actually keep time, but it is a beautiful, alternative way to display loved ones' ashes.

6. Turned Into Glass or A Diamond

Ashes can also be fused with molten glass to become any number of keepsakes that can be given to family members to cherish or display, like stained glass artwork or vases. Carbon DNA from ashes can also be turned into a diamond. The stone is synthetically created in a laboratory, but it is still a very real diamond that can be turned into jewelry as a lasting testament to one's life. 

Talk to your local cremation specialists, such as Care Memorial Cremation Solutions, for more information.