Accessorizing For Geek Chic

Video games, Japanese animation (anime) and board games have become more acceptable, but it's still not cool to be a nerd. The ebbing and flowing niche of 'geek chic' fashion revolves around incorporating different facets of fandom into fashion, but not going overboard or becoming completely lazy. If you have the interest to look good in public, but don't want to let go of your passions, consider a few ways to show your pride and look nice at the same time.

Subtlety Is Everything

The big problem with getting away with geek fashion is that the geek world is all about branding. Sure, many hobbies any passions seem to be purely about the fandom and coming together around an interest, but everything can be boiled down to an icon. Whether it's the emblem of The Horde or the regal power of the Triforce symbol, a lot of the icons that would be great for geek chic are recognizable by those who loathe the passion.

You need to incorporate the symbols in ways that aren't gaudy or overtly attention grabbing. Although it may be tempting, this means avoiding large bracelet and necklace charms, earrings or lapel pins. Bring down the size and you may be fine.

How small is fine? Look at the average college graduation ring size. Any lapel pin, bracelet charm or earring piece should be smaller than the jewel in the average graduation ring. With such a small size, people will have to look closely to catch a glimpse of what you're doing. Anyone who makes a fuss about the geeky appeal can be outed for their own nerdy tastes--if you can bring it up fast enough.

Color Matching For The Proper Fan Tribute

Making colors work together isn't a difficult task, but doing so while paying tribute to a particular fandom may be more difficult.

The nature of many geeky pastimes is that there are exacting designs. You may get lucky and find that the original author or company of a particular game or television series has multiple versions of their works. Do the research and find out if there are alternate color settings for the symbol of choice; your matching can become much easier.

If there's only one option--or if you only want to work with only one option--look deeply into the storytelling for other ways to get around the colors and designs. For example, consider The Horde once again.

The Horde symbol has a jagged appeal that fits in with the once tribal, but still warrior-like races of the video game Horde faction. It has a militaristic appeal, and even appears in game as part of military uniforms. The Horde itself borrows from many real life military designs, which can give you some ideas for where to wear the symbol.

A jewelry pawn shop may have studs and settings available to set the Horde symbol as a cufflink, lapel pin for suits or even a suit chain. For dresses, the symbol could be used as a fastener for seams or sashes, and naturally lends itself to black or red clothing.

Get in contact with a pawn shop specializing in jewelry to find different accessories and parts that could make your fandom a bit more fashionable with the right changes.