Tips For Utilizing Marketing Data

Companies that run advertising campaigns have tons of data about their consumers, including what time of day people are clicking on online ads and what gender these people are, but so much data that it can be difficult to make head or tails of it. Here are some tips for utilizing your marketing data effectively.

1. Find Your Ideal Customer Profile and Market More Heavily to Those In That Group

First, take the time to figure out who is most likely going to spend the largest amount of money on your product. Whether that group is middle-aged women who live in cities or college students that have a great deal of debt, you need to figure that out by looking at your sales data. One of the easiest ways to make sense of all of the numbers is to utilize analytics software, which will help you interpret the data. There are many different free tools on the Internet you can use.

Once you know your ideal customer profile (ICP), you can them market more heavily to that particular group by putting up more ads on sites that that group would be likely to visit. For example, if you are trying to target young men in college, you might want to put ads on Reddit and other message boards that are heavily populated by young men.

2. Figure Out the Type of Content That Makes People Buy Your Product

If you are doing an online marketing campaign, chances are good that you are operating on multiple channels such as blogs, social media, and general advertising. Use the data you collect to figure out which channels are pushing more people to your site that are actually making purchases. If your blog articles result in a greater number of sales, then make more blog articles If your tweets are getting the most traffic, tweet more regularly. Play to your strengths.

3. Send Personalized Ads

Finally, you are able to send personalized ads to your potential customers. It is possible to see which products a person viewed but did not purchase on your site and then use this information to send advertisements to that person for that specific product on different sites. This will allow you to constantly be reminding your customer of your product and increase the chances that a sale will actually happen. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in data strategy.