Dealing With Garage Door Hazards: Safety Precautions For Households With Young Children

It's important for parents to put extra effort into making potentially hazards fixtures and hardware around the home safe to protect a home's youngest residents. Your garage door is a convenient home feature. However, you need to make sure your children are aware of any protected from any potential hazards that go along with its operation.

The following are five important precautions to take to ensure garage door safety:

Keep fingers out of hinges

One of the biggest dangers with garage doors is the possibility that fingers will get caught in small moving parts like rollers, hinges, and springs.

Kids need to be aware of this danger so that they know that they should not touch certain parts of your garage door setup. You might even want to put a sign up to warn kids of the danger or shelter hazardous garage door equipment so that kids can't get at it. 

Be vigilant when closing your garage door

Always look out for young children when you're closing your door. Kids tend to move around quickly and behave in unexpected ways, so make sure that they aren't at risk of running into the path of a garage door that's closing. 

Don't let kids get ahold of the garage door remote

Kids that get ahold of a garage door remote could open and close it unnecessarily. This creates unnecessary dangers and can also cause additional wear and tear on garage door components. 

Install wall openers up high

If you're having a garage door opener control installed on your wall, put some extra thought into where it's being placed. Ideally, it should be impossible for kids to access the opener to open or close your door. 

Placing an opener at a level that's too high for your kids to reach is the best way to keep everyone safe and to avoid mishaps because young residents of your home have been playing with your garage door controller. 

Keep kids away when the garage door is malfunctioning

A garage door apparatus shows the greatest potential for causing severe injury when it is malfunctioning or being repaired. Garage door openers typically function thanks to springs and other mechanical parts that are kept at very high tension. They therefore are particularly dangerous when there is a risk of components snapping loose or functioning erratically.

Keep kids away from your garage entirely when it is malfunctioning or when a repair technician (like those at Advanced Door Service) is working on it.