3 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Storage Unit

A storage unit is a fantastic resource that can help you store all manner of items safely, but choosing between the various storage facilities in your area can be a bit tricky. Listed below are three things to keep in mind when renting a storage unit that can help you get the most out of it. 

Look for Security Features

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are looking at storage units to rent is that not all facilities will offer the same level of security. If you are planning on storing valuable items in the unit, such as electronics or collectibles, consider spending more to rent from a facility that offers more comprehensive security. For example, some of the storage facilities out there will offer 24-hour surveillance and security guards who will periodically patrol the grounds.

Purchase Your Own Lock

While most storage facilities will be willing to sell you a lock for your unit when you rent one, this lock is often not going to be the strongest one available. If you are renting from a facility that does not have a lot of security or just want to increase your peace of mind, consider going to your local store and buying the strongest lock that you can find. Some of the available locks are difficult enough for a thief to break open that he or she may simply choose to move on to a less protected unit. 

Protect the Unit

Finally, you will want to make sure that you take care of any unit that you do end up renting. While many people go through a lot of effort to make sure that their property is protected from damage within the unit, they don't often take any steps to protect the unit itself. Taking care of the unit is very important, as scratches to the inside of the unit or the door can lead to hefty repair fees from the storage facility when you end your contract.

When storing your items in the unit, make sure that you place some kind of soft packing material around the outside edges of the items to prevent them from scratching the walls when they are moved around. In addition, make sure to place tarps or plastic sheets on the floor to prevent anything that may leak out of your items, such as oil, paint, or other chemicals, from staining the floors.

Contact a storage facility today in order to discuss how they may be able to assist you. When you are shopping around for a new storage unit to rent, make sure to look for suitable security features, purchase a very strong lock, and protect the unit that you rent.