Learn How To Have Your Parent’s Wedding Video Converted From VHS To DVD

If your parent's 25th wedding anniversary is quickly approaching and you are wondering what a great gift would be, consider having their wedding video converted to DVD. Many videos that were created on VHS were not of the best quality, so getting it converted will allow your parents to enjoy videos from their wedding day in a vivid and unique way. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about VHS video conversion.

The Original Copy of the Video Is Best

When you go to get a video conversation done of your parent's wedding video, you may need to bring the original tape to the conversion company. The original copy will be the crispest, clearest copy. Since the company will be converting it, the best copy you can provide is the best option.

The Sound Can Be Enhanced

When the video is converted, the company can enhance the sound to make it easier to hear and remove any background noises that could be distracting or that take away from the big event. Being able to hear their vows clearly will mean a lot to your parents.

The Images Can Be Enhanced

The company can also enhance the picture quality of the video, as well. Any blemishes can be removed to create a seamless video. The colors within the video can also be brightened to make them really pop, and anything that appears to be grainy or blurry can be cleared easily.

Multiple Copies Can Be Created

Once the video is converted, multiple copies of the new DVD can be created. This allows your parents to share the videos of their special day with everyone who comes to share in the celebration of their anniversary. The company may give you a discount for buying multiple copies because it is guaranteed sales for them.

Be sure to get the agreement in a written contract so that both you and the company know what is expected when the videos are finished being converted. You want to be sure to include a specific day when the conversion is to be complete and go to see the DVD before the company creates multiple copies of it. That way you can be sure that you are satisfied with the work that they did. Once the video is converted, you can play it on a big screen at their anniversary party for all of their friends and family to watch together.

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