4 Things You May Need To Store In A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you are planning on putting items in storage, one of the most important aspects of your storage rental will involve choosing a climate-controlled unit or a standard storage unit. Some individuals assume that they do not need climate-controlled units if they are not planning to store food items. Some items that are typically stored in storage units might be better preserved in climate-controlled units. This is why it is a good idea to review what you will store and the anticipated length of time you will store the items. Certain items may store without any problems for a short duration, but for extended storage times, it may be best to choose a climate-controlled option.

The following points identify items that can be stored short-term in a traditional storage unit but may fare better in climate-controlled units if the storage time will be lengthy or is undetermined. 

Cars, Motorcycles, and ATVs

The temperature in traditional storage units can fluctuate based on outdoor temperatures. This can negatively impact the fluids in motor vehicles and similar modes of transportation. Motor oil may be negatively impacted because it can thicken when it sits for extended periods of time. Some individuals make the decision to drain fluids, but a climate-controlled unit will aid in ensuring that vehicles do not get compromised by fluctuating temperatures. Another thing to consider is that vehicle tires may crack or harden. These types of things may be particularly important to individuals who own collectible cars. 

Photos and Documents

Proper storage is important for photos and important documents. Sometimes these items may fare well in standard units as long as they are put in the correct type of storage containers. Some individuals may not have the time to routinely check for damages to their photos and documents to ensure that they are storing without any signs of damage. Climate control allows for the setting of optimal storage conditions that do not promote condensation formation. Condensation can wreak damage to photos and make the quality undesirable. Documents containing certain types of ink might also become damaged by condensation.

Wood Items

Important wood items need to be protected against humidity. This is because prolonged exposure may cause the wood to warp. There is also a risk that the wood will crack as it contracts and expands from the temperature fluctuations. 


Modern-day electronics are equipped with a variety of parts that are sensitive to extreme temperatures. These devices may also not respond well to being exposed to any type of moisture. Units that do not have climate-control features may have humidity problems that could affect sensitive portions of the devices. There is also a risk for battery corrosion and other problems for battery-operated devices. 

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