6 Signs Of An Energy-Efficient Swim Spa

If you are looking to purchase a swim spa, you want to make sure the unit you purchase is as energy-efficient as possible. You want to purchase a swim spa that you will be able to enjoy at an affordable cost.

Sign #1: Heat Shield Hardcover

First, you want to look for a heat shield hardcover. A hardcover is designed to provide high levels of insulation for your entire swim spa. It is designed to lock the heat your spa has generated so that when you take off the cover, the spa is already hot. Hardcover is also designed to prevent cold outside air from getting into the spa. A heat shield hardcover is essential if you don't want to waste your pool's heat.

Sign #2: Low Amperage Pump

Second, you want to look for a swim spa that uses a low-amperage pump. A low amperage pump is designed to produce a high flow rate using the lowest energy output possible. This means you will enjoy a higher rate of filtration at a lower energy cost.

Sign #3: Insulated Thermal Shield Blanket

Third, you want a swim spa with an insulated thermal shield blanket. You want to look for one that uses triple thermal shield technology. An insulted thermal shield blanket is designed to reflect heat back into your spa, ensuring that it is nice and hot when you want to use it. It is also designed to help protect the pipes in your spa and allow them to enjoy maximum heat absorption as well.  

Sign #4: Programmable Controls

Fourth, you need programmable controls. With programmable controls, you can select the water temperature that you want to maintain your spa at. Your spa will then work to maintain that temperature in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Sign #5: Self-Cleaning Technology

Fifth, you want to look for a swim spa that has self-cleaning technology. You want that self-cleaning technology that filters the water while using as little energy as possible.

Sign #6: CEC Regulations

The California Energy Commission sets high energy-efficient standards for a wide range of products, including swim spas. A swim spa that is designed to meet CEC standards means that it meets the stand-by wattage and energy-efficient standards set forth and is a unit that is not going to cost you a lot of money to run.

When it comes to purchasing a swim spa, look for the six signs above to spot an energy-efficient unit. You want to be able to relax in your swim spa without worrying about how much energy it is eating up. With the right swim spa, you will not have to worry about energy consumption when relaxing.