Online Romance Scams — Fight Back And Regain Power

Online dating scams often involve the exchange of money and the promise that two people will eventually meet in person. This type of scam is considered a catfishing scheme. It can cost a victim a lot of hard-earned cash, plus affect them emotionally. 

Online Scams

Since the Internet was created, there has been an influx of fraudulent behaviors that are linked to meeting potential soulmates or casual dates. A dating website that is not reputable may feature a group of people who are looking for a lifelong partner or a casual encounter with a like-minded person. The victim may be someone who signs up for the services provided on a site like this.

They may pay a monetary fee to become a member, or they may be charged for the actual length of time that they converse with one of their potential matches online. If a person who is being depicted on a dating site like this does not actually exist, the victim is wasting their resources while pursuing a connection with the individual. Once a victim finds out that they have been duped, they have every right to seek legal action.

An Analysis And Legal Pressures

If you feel that you have fallen for an online romance scam, there are several steps that you can take to protect yourself. First, review all of the typed messages that you and the person you were typing to have shared with one another. One or more statements or a photograph that you received may have made you become suspicious of the true identity of the individual whom you were seeking friendship or love with.

Print out the pages of your conversations. Next, research the dating company that you sought a membership through. Take note of whether or not the company has been sued in the past and acquire reviews of the company from other members. Use all of the information you have compiled when forming a case against the perpetrator and the dating platform that the perpetrator was featured on.

Investigative work will need to be conducted. You can hire a private investigator to perform an investigative process. The information that the investigator acquires may allow you to seek legal action. Legal action involves hiring an attorney to represent you. The perpetrator, plus the company that allowed the perpetrator to pose as a fictitious person, may be held liable for their actions. You may be able to receive monetary compensation if you are proven to be a victim.