Preparing To Hold A Yard Sale

If you are going to have a yard sale, you will need to make some advance preparation in order for it to be a success. There are several things that you can do to boost along the chances of making money at your sale. Here are some tips that you can use to have the most profitable sale as possible.


The biggest factor in how many people you will get to come to your sale, depends on the amount of work you do to advertise. If you do not get the word out, you will not have customers, so make sure to use a couple of sources to spread the word. You can place an ad in your local newspaper. You can design signs to be placed on vehicles on the main street of your town to attract people who are passing by. You can get a company like Signarama to print a huge banner to put right in front of your sale to grab attention of people as they come up your street.

Make your signs with large print that can be read from a distance. Put the address right on the sign so that people will know where to go. Using bright, colorful poster board for your signs will also help in getting them noticed.

Get Your Items Prepared

You will first want to go through your belongings to prepare them for sale. As you find something in your home that you know you will be selling in the future, set it aside in a location out of the way until you have a substantial amount for a yard sale. You will need to decide if you are going to invite others to sell items along with you, or if you are going to be the sole-seller at the sale. Sometimes it is nice to have extra sellers to attract more customers.

Tagging Your Prices

You should place a tag on each item that you will be selling so that there is no mystery as to how much you would like for a particular item. Some people are not interested in bartering for an item, and this will keep them happy. There will still be people who do like to barter, so make your prices a bit higher that you will accept just in case you get someone who wants to try to get the price for less. 

Find some small, colored stickers that you can use to place prices on the items. Use a thick, dark-colored marker to label your items so that they can be easily read by anyone coming to the sale. You may want to have a small banner attached to each table with the price listed for like items. If you have a "dollar table" or a "25 cent table" available, these will attract many buyers.