On-Site Mobile Micro-Shredding Is A Beautiful Thing

If you're a homeowner whose office and home are becoming overwhelmed by old papers such as bills from three years ago and half-finished correspondence that contains personal information, you know a little basket shredder isn't going to make a dent in that. What you need is a professional shredding service that will take those old papers and turn them into a pile of nothing. However, you don't want to call just any old service -- you want one that will make shredding those papers incredibly simple.

Mobile Is Easier

When you have to shred mass quantities of paper, you have two choices. One is to bring the papers somewhere where they are either locked away in preparation for later shredding, or they're shredded and the shredded bits are locked away in preparation for recycling. The other is to have the shredding company come to you and shred everything at your home or office. If you have a lot of boxes or bags of shredding, that mobile option is best.

Shredding companies usually have special trucks that they can send to locations where they pick up shredding. The trucks contain industrial shredders, and the drivers can take everything you have and shred it right then and there. It is a relief to see all those bags go into the shredder and to see all the space that's opened up in your home or office.

Micro-Cut Is Better

There's another reason the mobile shredders are so good: micro-cut shredding. Mobile shredders tend to turn papers into tiny little bits that would take forever to reconstruct, which is something identity thieves often try to do. Companies that require you to take papers in sometimes use strip-cut shredders, and strip cuts are very easy to reconstruct. Another problem with strip-cut shredding is that if the paper is printed in landscape orientation, then information can end up intact on one strip of paper if you aren't careful.

Micro-cut shredding done on-site can really lead to a sense of security. Your information will be so difficult to put back together that you won't have to worry about someone getting your personal information. Even if the remains of the papers will stay at the shredding facility for several days before they are recycled, no one will be able to read them if the holding tank is broken into.

If you would like more information on why mobile micro-cut shredding is the best choice for mass shredding, contact shredding companies near you. They will tell you the size of the shredded bits and other information about the company.