How To Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Whether you are temporarily renting a storage unit at a place like Simonson's Mini Storage to house your belongings while you move or you need a safe place to keep home office supplies, outdoor equipment, or seasonal clothing in, mini storage or self storage units can come in handy. Make the most use of your space by learning how to organize your belongings so you can find the things you need quickly and optimize your rental space most effectively.

Break large items down

Rather than try to store a large sectional sofa in its ready form, break this type of furniture down so you can stack sections on top of one another. The same goes for beds, cribs, and vanities. Take mirrors off vanities and wrap them in blankets to keep them from getting scratched, and dismantle beds and cribs so the frames lie against the wall and mattresses are pressed against them to protect the surfaces from being banged around or damaged. When you tear down your large items, you create space for other items you wish to store.

Stack boxes according to weight

To make moving your boxes around easier, always store heavy boxes on the ground, and place lighter boxes on top. If you have glassware or other breakable items in a heavier box, label them on the front, and stack them alone without placing other boxes on top. You can place blankets, bags of clothing, and pillows on top of these types of boxes. Any bins that you have in storage should be organized the same way. When you go to remove your boxes and bins later, they will be easier to carry out, since you can slide the heavy boxes across the floor to a dolly or cart for back-saving removal.

Place things you need most in front

If you plan on grabbing your lawn mower for the warmer months, don't store it in the back of your storage unit. The same goes for clothing you will be using soon and other items you think you will need in the near future. Store belongings you don't need for several months in the very back, and place items you need access to near the front of your unit. This saves you from having to dig way into your mini storage rental later trying to drag out items you need weeks after you've stored them.

Renting a storage unit can help you keep your things organized. Use these tips to create space, make removal easier, and to help keep more important equipment and clothing within easier reach, so you can get the most out of your self storage.