Cracks In The Ceiling From Roof Damage: What To Do About It

Do you have a few small cracks in the ceiling of your house? It is likely that you have severe water damage in the area between your roof and ceiling that stems from needing to repair or replace the roof deck. Find out below what should be done when your ceiling is cracked, and how much hiring a roofer will cost.

What Should Be Done When a Ceiling is Cracked?

The first thing that should be inspected is the condition of your asphalt shingles to see if any are missing or damaged. Shingles are one of the most important aspects of the construction of a roof because they add appeal and protect the roof deck at the same time. Your roof deck can get damaged when asphalt shingles are missing, damaged or lose granules. When shingles are in bad shape, it leads to rainwater having easy access to the roof deck. Your roof deck may have deteriorated from water damage, which is why there are cracks in the ceiling.

The roof deck under the shingles must also be thoroughly inspected by a roofer like Architectural Exterior Design. He or she can also walk around the inside of your house to assess how badly the ceiling is damaged. It is likely that you will need a new roof, as it suffered enough water damage to harm the interior of your home. However, a roofer may be able to replace any shingles that are missing or damaged and patch up the roof deck.

What is the Average Price of a Professional Roof Repair?

Depending on the square footage of your roof, repairing damaged asphalt shingles can cost an average of up to $350. The price quoted is for repairs to at least a 10x10 foot area of asphalt shingles. If a professional determines that you need a new roof, you can expect to pay an average of up to $8,400 for a new asphalt shingle roof. The fee paid will also include the removal of the old roofing materials on a ranch style home. The actual fees charged for labor will vary, but you can get a quote in advance to make sure a repair is within your budget.

It is important for you to make sure your ceiling is repaired after the roof is fixed, which a roofer can do for you. It is not wise to leave cracks in the ceiling that can interfere with how well your house is insulated. Hire a roofer to make the repairs your home needs!