Decorate Your Home With Victorian Lamps

If you are looking for beautiful antique lamps, then you should focus on the Victorian time period. This is one of the most fascinating periods for lamps because it bridges the pre-electric world and the post-electric world. The designs melded the old world style oil lamps with the modern, electric lamps. You can get authentic, vintage lamps, or reproductions. You can even get them designed to use oil.  

Rustic or Refined?

The type of lamp you want will depend on the type of home it's going in. Are you planning on putting it in your vacation log cabin? Is it a lamp that is going to stand on a table in your apartment library, surrounded by elegant bookshelves and leather chairs? Or will it stand above your dining room table?

For instance, if you are planning on using the lamp to light a porch table at a summer cottage, you could look for an old fashioned, brass fitted, standing oil lamp. There are also designs that work with kerosene. These lamps throw a beautiful, golden orange light. You might even find one that looks like it might have sat on a table in the old west.

If, however, you are planning on using the lamp in a library or office, then you will want to choose an electric model. You also won't want a lamp that looks like a prospector's lamp. A better idea is to choose a more refined lamp. A standing, table lamp with a stained glass shade would be an excellent choice.

Are Oil Lamps Dangerous? Will I Set My House On Fire?

Many people are afraid of using an oil lamp because they think if it falls over, then it will burst into flames. They might have seen old movies where people tossed oil lamps at walls and they exploded into flames.

The truth of the matter is that oil lamps are not very dangerous. Of course, anytime you have a flame inside your home, you need to be careful. However, lamp oil is not like gasoline. It is not highly combustible.

The one area that you need to be cautious with is the maintenance. When you are refilling the lamp, changing the mantle, or cleaning the glass, you need to be very careful. The fixtures can be very hot and you can burn yourself if you are reckless.

Are You Planning On Hanging It From The Ceiling?

If you are looking for a suspended light, then you will want to avoid any oil. While they do exist, they are cumbersome to refill. You don't want to have to get a stepladder out every time you need to refill the lamp. However, the great thing about antique style lamps is that many classic examples were electric.

You can find pendant designs, domes, and classic chandeliers that mimic antique style lamps. The designers use wrought iron, brass, and frosted or stained glass. They also use stainless steel, crystal, and other materials that were not common in Victorian lamps.

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