Installing A Security System For Your Horse Farm

Having the opportunity to ride horses on a daily basis can be exciting. Boarding horses can be a simple way to help offset the costs of owning your own equines. In order to ensure that your horse farm is secure, it may be necessary for you to install a security system.

Here are three tips that can help you design a security system that will keep your horse farm secure in the future.

1. Invest in both motion-activated cameras and cameras that are continuously recording.

When selecting cameras for your horse farm's security system, it's important that you don't limit yourself to motion-activated cameras alone. Since you will likely be conducting video surveillance in areas where horses reside, the movement of the animals you board will constantly trigger the motion sensor on a motion-activated camera.

Reserving these motion-activated cameras for tack rooms or feed areas where only human beings go, and installing cameras that continuously record inside stall areas, will help ensure you get the best possible video footage.

2. Invest in security cameras that record to a cloud storage platform.

You likely don't spend all of your time in the barn, and you will want the ability to check on the horses you are boarding from time to time when you are away from your horse farm. By investing in security cameras that have the ability to record video data to a cloud storage platform, you can easily access live video footage from inside your barn.

Cloud-based surveillance cameras allow you to log into a web portal and view real-time recordings. This feature will help you keep your horse farm secure, even when you are away from home.

3. Be sure your surveillance cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities.

When you board horses for their owners, you take on a significant amount of responsibility. Keeping the horses at your farm safe is a top priority, and installing surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities can help you achieve this goal.

It's estimated that 40,000 horses are stolen each year, with only about 42% of these stolen animals recovered. Since it's easier to steal a horse under the cover of darkness, having cameras with night vision will help you accurately identify anyone who attempts to steal horses from your farm in the future.

A surveillance system should be a priority for any horse farm owner. Installing both motion-activated and continuous-record cameras, cameras that record to a cloud-based storage system, and cameras equipped with night vision, you can provide the type of secure environment potential boarders desire. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at Alarm Research Inc.