Protecting Yourself When Renting A Storage Unit

Are you getting ready to rent your own storage unit? If you are, then the thought of your unit being broken into or being damaged can definitely be worrisome and stressful. This is why it is important that you take the time to find a reliable, secure, and strict storage unit facility to rent from. Before you decide on a self storage facility, be sure to do the following:

Inspect and Take a Walk Through of the Facility:

Like residences, storage facilities can be exposed to defects caused by moisture, pests, and mold. These defects can potentially make their way into the units themselves and put your belongings at risk. To ensure you are not compromising the safety of your assets, you will want to take a walk through of the unit and facility to check for any signs of pests, liquid damages, and mold exposure. This will help you find a storage unit facility that is clean and safe, so you can avoid putting your belongings at risk. 

Obtain Information about Security:

Knowing the security measures that the storage unit facility has in place is critical, as it goes without saying that the more security that is implemented, the more your assets will be protected. So, while taking your visit to the storage unit facility, you will want to obtain information about onsite security and what their policy is about visiting hours. Renting from a storage facility that has onsite personnel can be very effective, as cameras or alarms may not scare off potential burglars as well as trained security guards. Also, to ensure you are maximizing your safety, it is best to rent from a facility that has visiting times during normal business hours. This will ensure that there aren't any visits after normal hours, so that more people will be present during visiting hours, which can reduce and even prevent potential theft. 

Seek Insurance Plans:

Accidents can happen, but that doesn't mean you should be liable to pay for any damages or to replace stolen property. This is why renting from a facility that offers insurance plans can be a very great option. This will ensure you are reimbursed for any stolen or damaged items, which can save you hundreds if not thousands on costs.

Being able to take advantage of these tips will not only help you be safe while renting a storage unit, but also will give you confidence when renting, which is a must when investing in a storage unit. So, instead of being hesitant or stressed about renting a storage unit due to safety and security concerns, take advantage of these opportunities to make renting a storage unit more enjoyable and much easier.