What Are Some Common Types Of Commercial Security Systems Used In Businesses Today?

Just like it is important to have a security system installed in your home, it is just as necessary to make sure your business is secure. Security systems give business owners the peace of mind that their companies are safe both during and after business hours. These are some of the most commonly used types of commercial security systems that many business owners use today.

Burglary Alarms 

A common type of security system that is often used in businesses is a burglary alarm. This system sounds a loud alarm if someone attempts to enter a business unauthorized. Burglary alarms may also be connected to the nearest police station so they will be alerted of the burglary attempt.  

Closed Circuit Television Monitors 

With closed circuit television monitoring, customers and others who are inside a business can be watched by the business owner or manager. This type of system is connected to another monitor commonly found in a managers office that gives him or her a clear view of what is going on inside the business.

These systems are also often used to view the outside or entrance and exit of a business. The video surveillance system is usually visible to those who come to the business so that people know they are being watched. There may also be a notice placed on the windows or doors of the building telling people they are being recorded on camera.

Button Alarms 

Button alarms are also used in many businesses. Button alarms are commonly installed in an inconspicuous area such as under a counter. If an attempted burglary occurs, the person at the front counter can push the button and local authorities will be alerted right away.

This alarm system does not make a sound inside the business and the burglar does not know it has been set off. The silent alarm is a safety feature that is used in hopes that a burglar will not try to harm anyone inside the business and will still be there when the authorities arrive.

Controlled Access 

Controlled access systems allow only authorized individuals to gain entry into a business. This may involve pressing buttons with a special code or sliding an access card to enter a building.

If an unauthorized person attempts to enter a business, he will not be able to without the proper code or access card. These systems are also designed to be used for exiting a building in the same way.

Many commercial businesses have multiple types of security systems installed to give added protection against criminal activity. The more security that is used, the less likely a break in or theft will occur. A company like Security Unlimited can help you decide which option is best for your business.