Affordable Ways To Give Some Perks To Your Employees

If you would like for your company to be known as the company that really takes care of its employees, you might want to go above and beyond the basic health care package. Sometimes, it is the little things that really make an impact on the morale of your employees. To help you accomplish this, you will want to take a little bit of time to review the following points.

Offer Free Cold Water

Drinking tap water may not be the best option, especially if you are unsure of the quality of that water. The best thing you can do is to offer nice cold bottled water. You could purchase cases of individual bottled water, but that can get expensive. You also then have to deal with the extra waste of all of the empty plastic bottles. A better option might be to go for the water cooler. You can purchase one and buy your own refill bottles or you can rent one from a quality water cooler company. The nice thing about that is that you can schedule an automatic delivery of new water bottles for the cooler and they will take the empty ones with them. Then, all you have is the waste of the small paper cups used to drink the water. Contact a business, such as Absolute Bottled Water Co, for more information on bottled water.   

Have A Food Day

This is something that will not cost your company any money but your employees can have a lot of fun with this. Give them a "food day" once a month. This is where there is one day a month where everyone that would like to participate can bring in a favorite food dish. Sure, work will still have to be done throughout the day, but the idea of having access to a lot of amazing food throughout the day gives many employees something to look forward to.

Offer Easier Access To Weight Management Systems

Talk with a weight management company and see if they would like to have one of their representatives visit your place of business a few times a month to teach, motivate, and encourage your employees that may be interested in getting a little help in their journey to get healthier. You could offer to pay any associated membership costs or to split the cost with the employees. This is something that you can schedule to take place during their lunch hour so there is no problem with the level of productivity for that day.

With those few ideas in mind, you should have no trouble finding the perfect perks to offer your dedicated employees.