4 Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems

Some homeowners shy away from installing fire sprinklers in their home because of incorrect information they have received about them. Fire sprinklers are actually one of the best methods you can use to protect your home in the event that a fire occurs. To help you better understand sprinklers, here are some of the myths and truths about them. 

Fire Sprinklers Cause Significant Damage

It is true that fire sprinklers can cause some water damage in your home. However, your home could experience significantly more damage from the fire and the efforts of firefighters to put it out. 

When the sprinklers are activated, they quickly work to put out a fire. In some instances, cleanup from the sprinklers can be as simple as putting out towels to soak up the water. 

Fire Sprinklers Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Some homeowners believe that the constant stream of water used by the fire sprinklers to put out a fire makes them bad for the environment. In actuality, sprinklers can reduce several factors that can be harmful to the environment. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, the use of sprinklers can reduce the amount of water that is used to put out a fire by up to 90 percent. It can also decrease the amount of fire damage suffered by up to 97 percent. Water runoff from the fire is also decreased. 

Cigarette Smoke Can Easily Trigger the Fire Sprinklers

The idea of being drenched by the fire sprinklers while cooking or smoking is unappealing to most homeowners. Although sprinklers are commonly portrayed as overly sensitive on television, they are anything but. 

Fire sprinklers are not easily triggered by cooking, smoking, or other low-heat temperatures. A sprinkler system is set to activate only when high-heat temperatures are present. 

Fire Sprinklers Are High Maintenance

Fire sprinklers systems are thought to be high maintenance, but they are actually easy to maintain. In most instances, you do not even need a professional to service your sprinkler system. 

Maintenance for your system mainly consists of ensuring that the sprinkler heads are not obstructed. For instance, if you recently painted your ceiling, you need to be sure that none of the paint is clogging the sprinklers. If you do find an obstruction, remove it. You also need to ensure that the main control valve that supplies the water to the system is still on. 

Contact a fire sprinkler system installation company to learn other truths about how to protect your home from a fire. To find out more, speak with a business like Tri County Fire Protection.