Modifying Your Farm Insurance Policy

You may consider your farm much more than a business. It could serve as your primary residence. Because there are many things that could go wrong that could potentially destroy crops, harm your livestock, or cause you or another party to incur an injury, you may occasionally need to make modifications to your existing farm insurance policy to guarantee that you are supplied with the coverage you need.

Liability Add-Ons

All farm insurance policies include some form of liability insurance that protects against bodily injuries and damage. The amount of liability protection that you have, however, may need to be increased and you may also be eligible for some add-ons that will strengthen your existing coverage.

If you decide to host onsite activities, such as vegetable and fruit picking for the public or guided hayrides that can be enjoyed during holiday seasons, agritainment and agritourism coverage would be applicable to the additional services that you will be offering.

There are also liability coverage types that will protect against pollution, custom farm work, and incidental business pursuits. Consult with your agent about any changes in how you will be operating your farm to be matched with the coverage types that you qualify for.

Agricultural Buildings, LIvestock, Crops, And Equipment

Adding a new building to your land or fluctuations in the amount of livestock, crops, or equipment that you own will necessitate some changes to your farm insurance coverage. Farm insurance is usually sought immediately after purchasing farmland. This type of coverage will act as a replacement to a former homeowner's policy but will include much more protection that will cover all of the items necessary to operate a business.

Keeping track of each time that a purchase is made or a variation to your business plan is implemented will provide you with the resources needed to determine if you will need more or less insurance coverage. For instance, you may currently use a set amount of machines and tools for planting purposes and may have limited the number of crops that you have been growing.

If you intend to expand the number of crops and are going to be purchasing more equipment, it is a good idea to look into farm insurance coverage increases that will protect any investments that you will eventually be using on your farm. On the contrary, if you decide to sell part of your land and are no longer going to be using specific pieces of equipment, you can downgrade your insurance policy and pay less money for the coverage you need. Go online to websites like for more information.